Everyone is a walking story. We carry with us our past experiences that have shaped who we are, and the dreams for our future selves. I capture who you are so you don’t have to. It’s awkward to write about yourself in the third person, I know. I’ll sit down with you for a hour or two, ask you questions about your professional life journey thus far, and squeeze those stories into a few sentences, pages, or even a book. Here are a couple of examples of how that’s turned out:


Robby Russell

Planet Argon

If you’ve got a business, Robby wants to know how it works. Nothing makes him more excited than helping you be more efficient. It’s something he geeks out on at Planet Argon, after all, as the one focused on sales, marketing, driving company culture, and building relationships with clients. An idea generator who’s focused on the end goal, Robby’s always asking, "How does this help our customers’ customers?"

Thinking about tech’s practical uses is something Robby’s been obsessed with ever since he was a teen in Gilroy, California. After dropping out of high school with zero intention of ever working in computers, he taught himself how to program so he could get his music zine online and also sell punk band and political activist stickers.


Gary Blessington

Planet Argon

Gary’s road to fully fledged geekdom began when he got his first computer at 13-years-old. As a teenager growing up in Liverpool, England, Gary would try and figure out how the computer worked when he wasn’t playing every 8bit game imaginable.

He accidentally landed in tech by doing operations support for a lottery company right out of high school. After a few years in the real world, he went to university to study computer science and eventually became a professional programmer.