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Un | Fixed Homeland brings together an intergenerational roster of thirteen emerging and established Guyanese artists who, via photography and photography-based art, examine the complex relationship to "homeland." These artists explore how a "homeland" can be both fixed and unfixed, a constantly shifting idea and memory, and a physical place and a psychic space. The exhibition's title reflects the emergence of the Caribbean diaspora in metropolitan cities around the world and speaks to what has become the defining global movement of the 21st century—migration.

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The Water Issue


In spring 2016, OF NOTE embarked on a collaboration with a group of thoughtful and socially-engaged undergraduate and graduate students via Art & Public Policy, the department in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University rigorously committed to an “activist exploration of the relationship between art and society, and the role of the artist in civic life.”

What we unpack in The Water Issue is the work of ten global contemporary artists and activists who share a commitment to spotlighting the lack of access to clean water via artistic practices rooted in photography, painting, sculpture, science and design, film, and dance.


The Burqa Issue


While many employ the burqa as fodder for debate, the artists we’ve selected for The Burqa Issue use their creative voice and art practice to examine the complicated experiences of the women who actually wear the burqa—by choice or by force.

These multi-disciplinary global artists employ the burqa, actual and symbolic, in their photography, documentary film, poetry, graffiti, street art, murals, sculpture and painting, to trouble our perceptions.